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2014 Schedule
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201 Dressage, Introductory Level Test A
202 Dressage, Introductory Level Test B
203 Dressage, Training Level Test I
204 Dressage, Training Level Test II
205 Dressage, Training Level Test III
206 AMHA Dressage Silver Medal (runs concurrently with Class 205)
207 Dressage, First Level, Test I
208 Dressage, First Level, Test II
209 Dressage, First Level, Test III
210 Dressage, Second Level Test I
211 Dressage, Second Level Test III
212 Dressage, Third Level Choice
213 Dressage, Fourth Level Choice
214 Western Dressage, Introductory Level Test 2
215 Western Dressage, Basic Level Test 1
216 Western Dressage, Basic Level Test 3

1 Yearling & Under Fillies In Hand
2 Two Year Old Fillies In Hand
3 Junior Champion Mare
4 Three & Four Year Old Mares In Hand
5 Five Year Old & Over Mares
6 Senior Champion Mare
7 Grand Champion Mare
5 Minute Break
8 Yearling & Under Geldings In Hand
9 Two Year Old Geldings In Hand
10 Junior Champion Geldings
11 Three & Four Year Old Geldings In Hand
12 Five Year Old & Over Geldings
13 Senior Champion Gelding
14 Grand Champion Gelding
15 Fitting & Showmanship 17 & Under
16 Yearling & Under Colts In Hand
17 Two Year Old Colts In Hand
18 Junior Champion Colt
19 Three & Four Year Old Stallions In Hand
20 Five Year Old & Over Stallions
21 Senior Champion Stallion
22 Grand Champion Stallion
5 Minute Break
23 Hunt Seat Equitation, 13 & Under
24 Walk & Jog Western Pleasure, 11 & Under
25 Jr. Exhibitor Classic Pleasure Saddle 14-17
26 Ladies Classic Pleasure Driving
27 Jr. Exhibitor Classic Pleasure Saddle 13 & Under
28 Open Western Pleasure Mares
29 Hunt Seat Equitation, 14-17
30 Ladies English Pleasure
31 Amateur Hunter Pleasure, Mares
32 Walk Trot English Pleasure, 11 & Under
33 Western Seat Equitation, 13 & under
34 UPHA Challenge Cup Equitation

35 Dressage Hi-Point Awards (4)
36 Walk Trot Hunter Pleasure, 11 & Under
37 Amateur Pleasure Driving
38 Jr. Ex. English Pleasure 13 & Under
39 Novice Horse Hunter Pleasure
40 Junior Horse Park Harness
41 Western Pleasure Stallions & Geldings
42 Jr. Exhibitor English Pleasure 14-17
43 3 Year Old Pleasure Driving
44 4 Year Old Hunter Pleasure
45 Amateur Park Saddle
46 Western Seat Equitation 14-17
47 Jr. Horse Classic Pleasure Driving
48 Novice Pleasure Driving
49 Amateur Hunter Pleasure Stallions & Geldings
50 Four Year Old English Pleasure
51 Jr. Exhibitor Park Harness 17 & Under
52 Open Classic Pleasure Saddle
53 Amateur Western Pleasure, Riders 18-39
54 Roadster to Bike
55 Open English Pleasure
56 Amateur Western Pleasure, Riders 40 & over
57 Open Park Harness

58 Two Year Old Pleasure Driving
59 Walk Trot Saddle Seat Equitation, 11 & Under
60 Ladies Park Saddle
61 Jr. Exhibitor Pleasure Driving 17 & Under
62 Four Year Old Western Pleasure
63 Saddle Seat Equitation, Adult 18 & Over
64 Ladies Hunter Pleasure Geldings
65 Saddle Seat Equitation, 14-17
66 Walk Trot Hunt Seat Equitation, 11 & Under
67 Three Year Old Park Saddle
68 Jr. Exhibitor Western Pleasure 14-17
69 Novice Horse English Pleasure
70 Jr. Ex. Hunter Pleasure, 13 & Under
71 Ladies Classic Pleasure Saddle
72 Saddle Seat Equitation 13 & Under
73 Novice Horse Western Pleasure
74 Ladies Hunter Pleasure Mares
75 Jr. Exhibitor Park Saddle 17 & Under
76 Walk/Jog Western Seat Equitation, 11 & Under
77 Three Year Old English Pleasure
78 Classic Saddle Seat Equitation 17 & Under
79 Ladies Pleasure Driving
80 Jr. Exhibitor Western Pleasure 13 & Under
81 Jr. Exhibitor Hunter Pleasure, 14-17
82 Three Year Old Western Pleasure
83 Amateur English Pleasure Mares
84 Jr. Exhibitor Classic Pleasure Driving 17 & Under
85 Ladies Western Pleasure
86 AMHA Western Seat Medal
301 Carriage Driving, Working
302 Carriage Driving, Reinsmanship
303 Carriage Driving, Obstacle Scurry
304 Carriage High Point Awards

87 Two Year Old Park Harness
88 Open Classic Pleasure Driving
89 $250 Added UPHA Three Year Old Hunter Pleasure Classic
90 Four Year Old Pleasure Driving
91 Gentlemenís Western Pleasure
92 Amateur Park Harness
93 Four Year Old Park Saddle
94 Jr. Horse Classic Pleasure Saddle
95 Open Pleasure Driving
96 Amateur English Pleasure Stallions & Geldings
97 Open Hunter Pleasure
98 Open Park Saddle

99 Morgan Weanling Gala

100 Walk/ Trot Hunter Pleasure Championship, 11 & Under
101 $150 Junior Classic Pleasure Driving Championship
102 AMHA Hunt Seat Medal
103 Jubilee Futurity Yearling Fillies In-Hand Championship
104 $250 Amateur Western Pleasure Championship
105 Futurity Yearling In-Hand Colt and Gelding Championship
106 Jr. Exhibitor Classic Pleasure Saddle Championship
107 Walk/ Jog Western Pleasure Championship, 11 & Under
108 Hunt Seat Equitation, Adult 18 & Over
109 Ladies Park Harness
110 Jr. Ex. English Pleasure Championship
111 Jubilee Futurity Two Year Old Fillies In-Hand Championship
112 Walk/Trot English Pleasure Championship, 11 & Under
113 Futurity Two Year Old In-Hand Colt & Gelding Championship
114 Western Seat Equitation Championship

115 $250 Amateur Park Saddle Championship
116 Youth Hunter Pleasure
117 $250 Ladies English Pleasure Championship
118 $250 Added UPHA Three Year Old Park Harness Classic
119 $500 Open Classic Pleasure Saddle Grand Championship
120 Open Roadster Under Saddle
121 $150 Junior Horse Park Harness Championship
122 $250 Amateur Hunter Pleasure Championship
123 $500 Open English Pleasure Grand Championship
124 Three Year Old Hunter Pleasure
125 $250 Added UPHA Three Year Old Pleasure Driving Classic
126 AMHA Saddle Seat Medal
127 $250 Amateur Pleasure Driving Championship
128 $500 Open Park Harness Grand Championship


Trail Classes
400 Trail,Western or English, Open
401 Trail,Western or English, Amateur/Junior Exhibitor
402 Trail Western or English, Championship

129 Jubilee Futurity Weanling Fillies In-Hand Championship
130 Jr. Ex. Western Pleasure Championship
131 $150 Junior Horse English Pleasure Championship
132 Jubilee Futurity Weanling Colt In-Hand Championship
133 Walk/Trot Hunt Seat Equitation 11 & Under Championship
134 $150 Junior Horse Park Saddle Championship
135 $250 Ladies Western Pleasure Championship
136 Jr. Ex. Classic Pleasure Driving Championship
137 Western Seat Equitation, Adult 18 & Over
138 Jubilee Futurity Two Year Old Pleasure Driving Championship
139 Walk/Trot Saddle Seat Equitation 11 & Under Championship
140 $250 Ladies Hunter Pleasure Championship
141 Jr. Ex. Park Saddle Championship
142 $150 Junior Horse Hunter Pleasure Championship
143 Jr. Ex. Pleasure Driving Championship
144 Walk/Jog Western Seat Equitation 11 & Under Championship
145 Jubilee Futurity Two Year Old Park Harness Championship
146 Hunt Seat Equitation Championship

147 Leadline, 2-6 years old
148 Saddle Seat Equitation Championship
149 $150 Junior Horse Pleasure Driving Championship
150 $150 Junior Horse Western Pleasure Championship
151 $250 Amateur Park Harness Championship
152 $500 Open Hunter Pleasure Grand Championship
153 $500 Open Roadster to Bike Grand Championship
154 $500 Open Classic Pleasure Driving Grand Championship
155 Jr. Ex. Hunter Pleasure Championship
156 $500 Open Pleasure Driving Grand Championship
157 Jubilee Regional Hall of Fame Presentations
158 Parade Horse
159 $250 Amateur English Pleasure Championship
160 $500 Open Western Pleasure Grand Championship
161 $500 Open Park Saddle Grand Championship

2014 Prize List PDF

If you are having trouble downloading the prize list, please notify me by email so I can email the prize list to you.

A PDF version of the entry form may be found here:
2014 Entry Form

Online registration will be available
between July 10th and July 25th at

Hotel Headquarters

Ramada Limited Motel Dirksen Parkway
3281 Northfield Dr, Springfield, IL 62702-1400

The Jubilee Regional Championship Sponsorship Form
Farm/Business Name:

Please select the sponsorship level that is most suitable for you:
Diamond Sponsor $1,000.
You will receive one set of six box seats, one full page color ad in the show program, a Championship or Stake class presented in your name, recognition in the program, presentation in the show ring, and an invitation to an exclusive soiree.

Platinum $500.
You will receive one set of six box seats, one half page black and white ad in the show program, a Championship or Stake class presented in your name, recognition in the program, presentation in the show ring, and an invitation to an exclusive soiree.

Gold Sponsor $250.
You will receive a business card size ad, a class presented in your name, recognition in the program, presentation in the show ring, and a invitation to an exclusive soiree.

Silver Sponsor $100.
You will receive a class presented in your name, recognition in the program, presentation in the show ring, and an invitation to an exclusive soiree.

Bronze Sponsor $50.
You will receive a class presented in your name, recognition in the program, and an invitation to an exclusive soiree.

Copper Sponsor $25.
You will receive recognition in the program and an invitation to an exclusive soiree.

Preferred Class to Sponsor:

To be sure you receive proper recognition in the show program, please send your payment to

Brett and Patti Bartley
1524 N 600
Baldwin KS 66006

no later than July 15, 2014. Please make checks payable to Jubilee Morgan Horse Show.

Show Manager
Betsy Bishop
Show Secretary
Linda Burke
Futurity Secretary
Debi Donoho

JUDGES (2014)

Mr. Dwayne Knowles
Stallions & Mares In Hand, Futurity, Park Saddle & Harness, English Pleasure & Pleasure Driving, Classic Pleasure Saddle, Roadster, Saddle Seat Equitation, Morgan Weanling Gala
Mrs. Sarah Gove
Geldings In Hand, Classic Pleasure Driving, Western Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Hunter, Hunter over Fences, Western Seat Equitation, Hunter Seat Equitation, Miscellaneous, Carriage, Morgan Weanling Gala
Ms. Fatima Pawlenko-Kranz
Dressage, AMHA Dressage Silver Medal

Announcer - Peter Fenton
Farrier - John Sneider
EMTS - Medics First
Hospitality Chairperson - Arlene Cline
Organist - Mary Miles
Paddock Master - Douglas Irvine
Photographer - Howard Schatzberg
Ringmaster - John Frye
Sport Horse Coordinator - Deb Halsted
USEF Steward - Mary Lynn Whitley
Videographer - Traces CT Ltd, Cheryl Rangel
Veterinarian - Dr. Karl Luthin (217) 629-7147
Veterinarian - Dr. Kate Luthin
Show Officers and Directors

Betsy Bishop, President
Beth Fancsali, Vice President
Janelle Schroeder, Secretary, Parties, and Prizes
Marilyn Steward, Treasurer
Shanna Gish, Director and Sweepstakes Liaison
Debi Donoho, Director and Futurity
Mark Bodnar, Director
Patti Bartley, Director
Chuck Hensley, Director
Betsy Bishop, Director
Brett Bartley, Director
Rene M. Page, Director
Dawn Fire, Director, Sponsorships, Prizes, and Website

For JUBILEE FUTURITY information,
read our Rules & Procedures HERE.

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The Jubilee Regional Morgan Horse Show is located at:
801 E. Sangamon Avenue
Springfield, IL